"The final product here is unparalleled. Thanks for being an incredible partner from start to finish!”

Raechelle Hoki, Agency Director, Dollar Shave Club Los Angeles.



"To turn around the quality of output in the time you guys had is nothing short of a miracle and not something that is lost on us.”

Matt Knapp, Creative Director, Dollar Shave Club Los Angeles.



"I’ve worked with the boys at The Craft Shop on several jobs, they always bring something new to the party. Having been part of a creative department in their past lives has set them in good stead to understand what you’re trying to do, and then make it better. Always a pleasure and never a chore.”

Mick Stalker, Deputy Creative Director, ColensoBBDO Auckland.



"I worked with The Craft Shop when I barely even knew what I needed. I had never worked with an agency before, and in fact didn’t really know what an agency did. But on a recommendation from a work colleague I got in touch with Jacko and Ben. The Craft Shop did not disappoint. The resulting creative was truly breathtaking and managed to not only hold its own, but stood out against a programme of world class films. And it wasn’t a one off. They managed to develop something completely different, but just as stand out, against the same brief, for three years in a row. I love how they can flip a brief on its head and deliver something that is completely out of the box, but also completely nails a brief in ways I could never have imagined. They are also an absolute pleasure to work with. Always open for discussion and they never fail to deliver. I would work with them again in an instant.”

Gini Sinclair, Senior Account Director, Holler Sydney.



"I go to Gelatomassi Gelato shop in Newtown for delicious home-made gelato, Rozelle’s Darling Fresh Fruit and veg for the freshest fruit and veg and The Craft Shop Auckland for incredibly hand-crafted typography and design stuff.”

Paul Fenton, Creative Partner, Yolo Australia.



"The Craft Shop has a reputation for doing things the hard way. The easy way might be quicker or cheaper, but it will never look as good as doing it the hard way. The right way. That means stitching, constructing, carving, painting, cutting, ripping, printing, spraying, knitting, freezing, coaxing, shearing, skinning, lighting or polishing by hand. That’s where true craft comes from. It’s what the Japanese call Wabi-sabi - meaning beauty in imperfection. I call it fucking awesome.”

Mark Harricks, Executive Creative Director at VCCP Sydney & Chairman of AWARD.



"The Craft Shop have created a niche for themselves as a resource which provides work of the highest quality which agencies would struggle to produce in house. Great ideas need an expert hand to finish them and often agencies do not have those means either through weight of work or the financial drain of having skills that would only be used some of the time. Also, apart from Jacko, the Craft Shop are pretty good guys.”

Paul Catmur, Managing Partner & Executive Creative Director.



"I had the pleasure of working with The Craft Shop on our Guilt Trips campaign for V/Line Trains. The ads were full of dark humour, so together we decided to bring them to life in a light and colourful way to add extra punch to the guilt. Jacko, Ben, and the team went above and beyond on these executions, they even brought in somebody to hand stitch all of the scripted type to make one of the ads look completely hand made. The campaign ended up being a great success, going on to win a stack of awards including a Cannes Grand Prix. Looking forward to working with the guys again on future projects.”

Matt Stoddart, Senior Art Director.



"I worked with Jacko and The Craft Shop guys on a fantastic project which consisted of design, 3D and retouching. This job pushed boundaries in all areas and we created six masterpieces that all were happy with. They're great to work with and found no problems dealing with different time zones too. Look forward to the next project.”

Chris Hulsman, Project Director - Creative Services, Arnold Furnace Sydney.



"We engaged The Craft Shop to assist us with the company branding for our new business venture. What really impressed us about the guys at The Craft Shop is that they very quickly came to grips with understanding the particular nature of our business. They listened carefully to our vision and they transformed that vision into our branding. We have been delighted with their branding which is fundamental to where we have positioned our company in the market. The Craft Shop are professional, easy to talk to and they have great ideas. Our company has drawn considerable value from our relationship with The Craft Shop. Rather than looking at The Craft Shop as a purely transactional arrangement, we have also used to them to provide ongoing marketing support to our brand. That assists us to stay relevant and ensure our market position is up to date.”

Michael Campbell, Director, Campbell Brown Planning.




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